History of Columbia Metal Spinning

Columbia Metal Spinning

Columbia Metal Spinning Company provides the latest technology in metal stamping, deep drawing, CNC machining centers and PNC automatic spinning lathes. We are nationally known for our quality workmanship and customer service. For over 60 years Columbia Metal Spinning has kept our skilled craftsmen in touch with the latest technological advances and equipment so they could offer cost-effective, high-quality solutions to our customer’s needs.

We specialize in precision metal spinnings, often holding tolerances of +/- .001″ in any metal or alloy, plus the ability to spin in many diversified shapes up to 60″ in diameter. To aid in the production of heavier materials, we utilize hydraulic assisted lathes that can handle blanks up to 3/16″ thick. PNC automated metal spinning lathes are used to efficiently manufacture medium and large lot orders quickly and economically. To be sure that we constantly meet the highest quality standards, our quality control utilizes the most advanced inspection equipment including Coordinate Measuring Machine and statistical process control. Columbia Metal Spinning also has the flexibility to customize an inspection process that meets the needs of our customers.

Columbia Metal Spinning has an in-house tool and die facility providing the flexibility often needed when designing prototypes, and the economy needed for larger production orders. Tooling costs for precision metal spinning can often be as little as 1/50th of the complex transfer dies used to stamp the same parts. Through our flexibility of design, low tooling costs and quick delivery (we can go from blueprint to finished product within 5 working days), Columbia Metal Spinning has established a leading reputation as a valued supplier to the oil seal, aerospace, electronics and automotive industries.

About Craft Metal Spinning

Craft Metal Spinning

Craft Metal Spinning Company was founded over 75 years ago and has built an outstanding reputation as a supplier of smaller lot and large diameter metal spinnings. Our specialized equipment can spin blanks up to 80″ in diameter and up to .135″ thick. We are a key supplier to the farm and construction equipment, food service, air handling and cryogenics industries.
In order to better serve our customers we operate our own tool and die facility and make all of our own tooling in-house. Since many of the tools (forms) used to spin large diameter spinnings are made from a special bonded wood composite, we maintain the largest inventory of these wood forms in the Midwest. In several commonly used shapes, such as tank heads and hemispheres, we have pre-made tools in many sizes which can further reduce our customer’s tooling costs.

We are also able to offer a wide range of additional forming such as metal stamping, deep drawing and machining through our affiliate Columbia Metal Spinning. By providing these services in-house, we avoid the lengthy delays and increased costs incurred by using outside contractors. We can also ensure higher quality throughout the production process and guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product. Dedicated professionals, skilled craftsmen and our commitment to customer service has enabled us to make this guarantee for over 75 years.